Thursday, July 26, 2012

Self Portrait Therapy

Most photographers that started out as self portrait artists and branched out to other things can relate when I say that self portraits become therapeutic in a sense. I sometimes get so lost in my own world when I am photographing myself. I am so focused on the idea in my head and how to execute it. The thing about self portraits is that you can portray the photo exactly as you imagined it. You can portray the emotion behind the idea. It works out in your favor. Self portraits help me a lot when I'm in an inspiration rut. (Although a lot of times it can be the opposite.) It can be refreshing and reviving. (I think a lot of this rant/inspiration of self portraits comes from Lexi Mire; an amazingly talented photog.)


  1. in LOVE with the second photo. this is wonderful.
    gosh, allie, you are absolutely stunning and a wonderful photographer.

  2. I love how you express your heart and why you do self portraits. You have a God-given talent for sure!